Meet Our Players


BJacobPlayer Name:Jacob Rogers
Character Name: Sciurus Adamantus
Player Age: 18
Charity: Wildlife Foundation
Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Hot tea
Advantages/Disadvantages:Advantages: Large amount of experience with video games, can lick elbow with tongue, very enthusiastic. Disadvantages: Not very familiar with tabletop gaming
Personality: Empathetic and Candid
Gaming Experience:15 years of video gaming (preferred games: Kingdom Hearts, Pokemon, Fallout)
Background: I was born in North Carolina and have lived here for around 15 years in total I’ve lived in Guam and California as well due to the fact that my stepdad was in the Navy (now retired of course) and have 3 older sisters I’m the youngest and in a way the nerdiest I’ve always loved video games, anime, music, and reading

Player Name: ****Specail Guest****Gary
Character Name: Vivaldi
Player Age: 29
Charity: Liberty Godparent Home
Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Red Bull and Coffee (Blended or separate, whatever works.)
Advantages/Disadvantages: ADD at near super-human levels. Mystical Dad Force/ Am Dad, Dad is always tired.
Personality: Varied. Ramps from Eeyore to Jack Nicholson dependent on how much caffeine I’ve had.
Gaming Experience: I’ve been gaming for a little over 21 years, starting in AD&D and progressing through nearly every system worth mentioning and several that aren’t.
Background: I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere, so the old MUDs and RP message boards were the best escape I had. As an avid reader I consumed fantasy and cyberpunk novels like chips. I build adventures for Pathfinder and review RPG systems on the side nowadays. The community really shaped who I came to be and I’m proud to show what we can give back to the world.

Player Name: Jacob Bright LJacob
Character Name: Queena Khisted
Player Age: 16
Charity: National Alliance on Mental Illness
Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Tea of any kind
Advantages/Disadvantages: I need no sleep to function but I’m always tired.
Personality: Snarky and enthusiastic
Gaming Experience: I’ve been playing D&D since I was 10 Starting with AD&D
Background: I’ve lived in North Carolina my whole life and I’ve been a nerd for my whole life too. I’m the middle child with a younger and older brother. There’s not much left to say. Most of my spare time is spent working on school and playing games.

NikkiPlayer Name: Nikki Hudome
Character Name: Elyss
Player Age: 29
Charity: Bookbag Buddies
Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Coffee or Dr Pepper
Advantages/Disadvantages: Team player, Fun, I know people, I get hyper when I’m exhausted
Personality: Loves to berserk, Fun?
Gaming Experience: DnD, RPG video games, FPS video games, MTG
Background: I’m a full time mother with a full time job who plays hard.

SethPlayer Name: Seth Carnes
Character Name: Senzura
Player Age: 27
Charity: Lymphoma Research Foundation
Favorite Caffeinated Beverage: Monster Rehab
Advantages/Disadvantages: Decent at problem solving, cant keep a schedule..
Personality: Show boat
Gaming Experience: Just Started playing DnD in the last year
Background: Born and raised in NC.. Competitive gymnastics Coach. Jack of all trades.. if there is a nifty trick or skill ive probably tried it. I do parkour, play guitar, and vidja games.

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