Q&A and Money Uses

What is going on?…Players will be playing for their favorite charities during the event and those who are left awake (with living characters) at the end of the 48 hours will get the BIG PRIZE for their charities.  Each charity will get 2% of the money we raise (for a total of 10%) just for being represented.  During the course of the game another 15% of the money will get handed out over time for the players reaching certain benchmerks (for those keeping track that’s 25% total so far).  At the end of the whole thing another 25% will be given to the successful players for their charities (now wait that’s only 50%)…

Where is the other 50% going?…That last 50% is to cover any random expenses we may face.  For example we need a safety net in case something gets broken…but we don’t see that happening.  What’s leftover will go  to making our other events even more awesome!  The more funds we receive the less we need to use on these random expenses and the more we can use to make next year even better!

How do we get said proceeds?…FROM YOU!!!!!  We now have PayPal up so you can start donating there now, pledge to donate during the event, or just wait until the event to donate!

What happens if EVERYONE dies or falls asleep?…Everyone will get another chance to rejoin if NO ONE manages to stay awake through the event.  If all of the characters die during an encounter then all of the characters of all applicable players will be resurrected.  BUT…if they fall asleep they will miss all of the benchmarks after they left until they rejoin.

What are the players getting out of the whole thing?…The joy in their hearts that you can only have after helping others….and a few special super secret goodies…Shhhhh.  It’s a secret.  =^_^=

More info will be posted as the date gets closer.

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