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Once again, we do battle for charity!

This will be the 3rd annual RPGS For Charities and I wanted to say a few words to everyone before we go crazy with the festivities.  

This year, we had a whole host of issues that have made getting this event off the ground.  However, this is not unlike every year.  Every time we do this, we learn more, get better, and become wiser.  We will get through this and have a BLAST doing it!  Because thats just who we are; we won’t be stopped when there’s good in the world to do!

Till we get it up The Youtube can be found here

You Tube Here

Preparing once again!

We’re about a month away from running our second annual RPGS for Charities event!  Once again 5 players will try and play a game of Pathfinder for 48 hours for a charity of their choice.  Once again, we will be broadcasting the event on both YouTube and  Once again, we’ll be taking donation to either help or hinder the players in their endeavors.  Once again, I’ll be starring at technical metrics at 3 in the morning with half open, unblinking eyes only partly alive all for charity.  That’s right, RPGS for Charities is back and ready to be even better than last year!

Last time, we raised $1,400 total from donations.  I feel good that we can go for $2000 this time!  With all of you helping us out, there is no reason we can hit that goal and EXPLODE past it!  Remember to like the Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, share our posts with family and friends, and, most important of all, watch RPGS for Charities on Saturday September 5th at 11:00 through Monday September 7th at 12:00 noon.  We can do this!

Our Very First LARP!!!! -With a special guest

Join us for our first ever LARP. We will also be having a new thing for the online audience to participate. We will even have a special guest appearing at this event and you won’t believe who it is…have your autograph books handy. And as always proceeds from online donations during the event will be going to a charity….we are considering Red Cross but we are still working on that.

Also this…Justin Achilli is an award-nominated game designer, having worked on tabletop games, card games, board games, and video games. His credits include developing Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem, design for the World of Darkness MMO, lead multiplayer design for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, design direction for multiple Facebook games, and lead social systems design for an unannounced Ubisoft project.

To join in on the game click here.

Another event in the works

You watched us play Pathfinder for 48 hours straight.  You helped us earn Toys for Tots at our mini gaming convention.  Now, we plan to blow your minds with what is (as far as we can tell) the first interactive live streamed Vampire LARP!  Not only that, we are inviting YOU to participate!  Stay tuned to find out how you can be immersed in the fictional secret world of vampire kill-or-be-killed politics and subterfuge.  Even if you cant join in, online viewers will have the chance to have an impact on the plot by donating to events charity.  It’ll be an event unlike any other, so join our Facebook page for quick info, or check back here after Wed. Jan 28.  New info will be available then!

RPGS for Christmas Trees event!

That’s right, everyone!  We are Santa’s little helpers this year and we are looking to gather as MANY toys for underprivileged kids as possible!  And what better way then by doing what we love?

We plan on running a mini RPG con over at Blue Ox Games in Greenville NC on Nov. 30th.  We’ll be having games planned all day spanning all kinds of genre including fantasy, scifi, cartoon comedy, and even gothic drama!  If you’ve been itching to try a new system, this is the perfect opportunity to have an experienced GM run the game for you and test it out…

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RPGS Monthly Online Game /w Chris!-“Tapping on the Tyson Starship!”

5 Things You Shouldn’t Use to Roll Your D20

It has BEGUN….REALLY!!!!

This Time it’s REAL!!!!

Hey everyone! Online game taking place TONIGHT at 8pm. How do you get it? First you have to have Google Hangouts. Second you have to email s at with “I WANT IN” in the subject line from your gmail account. First 3 people to do so get in. Then yo have to by a computer with a mic and camera, or smart phone with the ability to do a video hangout. We will call you at 7:30 and email you your character sheet at about the same time. Good Luck!