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Our Very First LARP!!!! -With a special guest

Join us for our first ever LARP. We will also be having a new thing for the online audience to participate. We will even have a special guest appearing at this event and you won’t believe who it is…have your autograph books handy. And as always proceeds from online donations during the event will be going to a charity….we are considering Red Cross but we are still working on that.

Also this…Justin Achilli is an award-nominated game designer, having worked on tabletop games, card games, board games, and video games. His credits include developing Vampire: The Masquerade and Vampire: The Requiem, design for the World of Darkness MMO, lead multiplayer design for Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, design direction for multiple Facebook games, and lead social systems design for an unannounced Ubisoft project.

To join in on the game click here.

RPGS Monthly Online Game /w Chris!-“Tapping on the Tyson Starship!”

5 Things You Shouldn’t Use to Roll Your D20

It has BEGUN….REALLY!!!!

This Time it’s REAL!!!!

Hey everyone! Online game taking place TONIGHT at 8pm. How do you get it? First you have to have Google Hangouts. Second you have to email s at with “I WANT IN” in the subject line from your gmail account. First 3 people to do so get in. Then yo have to by a computer with a mic and camera, or smart phone with the ability to do a video hangout. We will call you at 7:30 and email you your character sheet at about the same time. Good Luck!

Lets Try This Again

Ok so we are going to try our game over Google hangouts again this Saturday.  It will be starting at 8 pm and to be able to play you have to follow us on Google + just search for RPGs for Charities.  And when we send out the request for the hangout be one of the first 4 people to answer!  If you don’t get in we will still have a way for you to be involved in the game…maybe drop goodies for the players or perhaps drop some monsters.  Whatever you choose to do just tune in between 8pm EST and Midnight Saturday, October 4th.  Keep an eye on our page for more info…BTW we are playing pathfinder core rles and pregens will be provided.

Wanna Play? *Updated @8:00 pm

Update – Well, it seems I’ve run into some technical difficulties this evening.  Unfortunately, I’m going to have to put off our awesome game until next Saturday, 8pm.  Please drop by and see if you are lucky enough to be a player!

Update- It is now 7 pm character sheets are being generated and we are getting set up to contact everyone. Good Luck =^_^=

Update- We will be playing Pathfinder and pregens will be provided!

Add us on Google+ if you want a chance to play in the game tonight! The game will start at around 9pm Est. So please add s by 7pm and we will let you in on how to play tonight…and for those who want to participate but not play or aren’t able to join in there are other ways to be a part of the game =^_~= Stay tuned to find out how. =^_^=

More info to come! =^_^=

Why Should You Join Us on Site?

Because it’s a freakin’ GAMING STORE!!!

But if you need some extra motivation we are going to have some games and contests complete with prizes!  Her are some of the games we will have and some information about each…yes these particular games do cost but it is for charity!  Plus remember this is a gaming store so you should bring any decks you may have with you and play with a few new and old friends!

*All Prizes must be claimed by Noon Monday*

Art Contest

  • Cost: $1
  • Time: Starting on Saturday at Noon but all entries must be in by 6pm Sunday Night…The Winner will be Announced Monday Morning and your artwork will be displayed online within a week of the event!
  • We provide the paper you draw one of our players or their character
  • 1 Prize Available but honorable mentions will also be posted on the website


  • Cost: $1
  • Time: Randomly throughout the weekend…so definitely pop in and stay for a little while.  We are doing it at least 5 times over the course of the weekend.
  • The questions will be based off of things on the website and moments in the game so pay attention.  You never know what we will ask.
  • 1 Prize per Trivia event.

Dice Stacking

  • Cost: $1
  • Time: Saturday at 5:45 pm
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Dice)
  • Must stack using 5 D4s, 3 D6s, 4 D8s, 2 D10s, 2 D12s, 1 D20
  • Tallest tower wins…there is a time limit
  • 1 Prize Available

Thaw Kenny

  • Cost: $1
  • Time: Sunday 11:45am
  • Kenny is frozen and must be thawed, dry, and undamaged
  • Use any method you want.
  • 1 Prize Available

Potion Chug

  • Cost: $5
  • Time: Sunday 5:45pm
  • Make and drink your own “potion”.  We will provide the ingredients.  Fist person done wins…and yes there is a second place.
  • No more than 3 people can enter.
  • 2 Prizes Available

Want to know some of the prizes so you know it it is worth it?  Well I’ll tell you 3 of them.  And prizes are first come first claim.  So you can win EXACTLY what you want!

  • Hammock Chair for The Hammock Source
  • $25 Gift Certificate to Evil Hat
  • Evil Queen Pack- includes Evil Queen Enclave, Dark Sun Creature Catalog, Dragonomicon, Manual of the Planes, The Plane Above, Adventurers Vault 2
  • AND MORE!!!!

Less than 2 Weeks!

We are less than 2 weeks till the big even.  Have you picked your favorite player yet?  If not then heard over to Meet The Players and read up on them.  We have some pretty awesome people this year =^_^=

Want an AWESOME T-Shirt to Show your Support?

ShirtThen we have you covered!  You can get the shirt here for only $20.  They can only be preordered until the end of July and you have to pick them up at Gamer’s Haven during the event…but you will already be there right?  Once it is removed from the store that will be it for this year so be sure to hurry!